Learn About Alpacas

Alpacas are a gentle and intelligent breed. They originate from South America - in particular from the Andes mountains in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

There are two types of alpacas - the Huacaya and the Suri. Huacaya (wah-ki-ah) alpacas are the most common type of alpaca in the US. Huacaya alpacas have fiber that is tightly crimped and stands perpendicular to the alpacas' body. These type of alpacas appear to look like fluffy teddy bears when full-fleeced. Suri (surrey) alpacas produce fleece that hangs in long, curly locks that look almost like dreadlocks. Their luxurious fleece hangs elegantly to the ground. Suri alpacas are known for the luster of their fleece, a highly desired trait in the commercial textile industry.

Here are some fast facts about alpacas:

  • Alpacas come in 22 natural recognized colors.
  • Alpacas live 15 - 20 years
  • Adult female alpacas produce one cria (alpaca baby) per year with an average gestation of 11.5 months.
  • Adult alpacas are approximately 36" tall at the withers
  • Adult alpacas generally weigh between 100 and 200 pounds.
  • Alpacas do well with children and are often incredibly curious about them.
  • Alpacas live in herds and are very social.
  • Alpacas don't have incisors, horns, hooves or claws. So they pose no threat to humans or other barnyard animals.
  • Alpacas are environmentally friendly and have low impact on the pastures in which they live.


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Updated December 19, 2018